Eau Claire

360,000 sqft of retail and entertaiment

Downtown Calgary is on the rise, and if you are looking for the best place to go shopping, look no further than the Eau Claire Market. Eau Claire Market, located along the river, is one of many downtown redevelopment projects and is currently open for business while renovations occur. The sprawling complex plans boast beautiful green spaces, nearly 360,000 sqft of retail and entertainment, floor to ceiling statement glass architecture, and provides a whopping 2.1 million square feet dedicated to retail, office, hotel, and residential space. The proposed residential development will provide 1,000 new homes to the area.

Green Spaces with Hyper-Modern Design

To say that the proposed architectural renderings are impressive would be an understatement. The site plan is truly breathtaking and will provide Calgarians with a unique shopping, living and working environment. The development perfectly marries green spaces with hyper-modern design in a way that can only be described as singularly magnificent.

Outdoor Cafe, Outdoor park Spaces, Sky Bridges

The development company took special care in their design, even requesting input from the local community on what they would like to see in the finished product. As a result, the five-tower complex seems to include every possible amenity including outdoor park spaces, outdoor cafe seating, easy street access, and several sky-bridges connecting the various towers to adjacent buildings. These connections are part of the +15 connection system which is intended to provide quick access for residents to necessities like the grocery store, while also providing easy access for the attached office spaces as well.

Eau Claire Market Open for Business

While Eau Claire Market development continues, many of their retail spaces are already open for business. The Market currently has 59 retail outlets listed on the directory including 19 food and beverage options, a grocery store, a movie theatre, and 21 other clothing, beauty and specialty stores. There is also an indoor playground and a community meeting space which is available for parties, meetings and other events.

A Shift in Approach

The care taken in the design of Eau Claire Market is hopefully a sign of a shift in the approach to developing multi-use facilities. The Market’s new design is even meticulously shaped to provide the least shadowing along the plaza and Bow River Pathway and advertises that no shadows will be cast from April to August, and no shadows will overlay the Bow River Pathway at all. While renovations are still in progress, we are excited to see what may be Calgary’s newest architectural gem. In the meantime, visit the Eau Claire Market shops to see what all the buzz is about!